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Date: 01/30/24

Why was this claim reviewed?

6 Degrees Health performs clean claim reviews on behalf of many health plans to ensure appropriate billing. All reviews are performed by registered nurses with extensive clinical experience and billing is evaluated against CMS and industry standards to ensure the claim has been billed accurately prior to payment.

What do I do if I did not receive the full contracted payment for my claim?

Please contact 6 Degrees Health at the number below. However, you received an amount lower than expected because a clean claim review was performed.

Reconsiderations, Disputes and Appeals
Where do I submit documentation if I do not agree with the Clean Claim review findings?

You may contact 6 Degrees Health at the number below, or you can submit additional documentation for reconsideration, or you can exercise your appeal rights.

ALL inquiries should be submitted to 6 Degrees Health:

Mailing: 20500 Belshaw Ave, T1-3439, Carson, CA 90746


Phone: 503.640.9933 Option #3

Fax: Fax: 888.507.0489

What are EX CODES?
Certain EX CODES mean a clean claim review was completed. If EX CODES n0, n9, m0, m3, m4, or m5 are on the EOP, it means that 6 Degrees Health conducted a review.

What kind of information can we send to make items payable that were originally denied?
When submitting a formal appeal, you can send medical records or other documentation supporting your billing practices, such as billing policies via:

Mail: 20500 Belshaw Ave, T1-3439, Carson, CA 90746
Fax: 888.507.0489