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Dispense As Written (DAW) rules

Date: 10/28/21

YouthCare HealthChoice Illinois (YouthCare) would like to share with you a reminder regarding dispense as written (DAW) rules. 

Dispense as written (DAW) codeCode value
DAW 0No product selection indicated
DAW 1Substitution not allowed by prescriber
DAW 2Substitution allowed – patient requested product dispensed
DAW 3Substitution allowed – pharmacy requested product dispensed
DAW 4Substitution allowed – generic drug not in stock
DAW 5Substitution allowed – brand drug dispensed as generic
DAW 6Undefined (not in general use; reserved for future use)
DAW 7Substitution not allowed – brand drug mandated by law/regulation
DAW 8Substitution not allowed – generic drug not available in marketplace
DAW 9Undefined (not in general use, reserved for future use)

When writing a prescription for preferred brand name medications, such as Concerta ®, Focalin XR ®, or Vyvanse ®, please include DAW 1 on the prescription.

We appreciate your review and thank you for helping our members live better healthier lives. For more information or if you have any questions, please call YouthCare at 1-844-289-2264.