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YouthCare Myth Busters & FAQs

Myth Busters:

Myth #1

If my healthcare provider is not in the YouthCare network, I have to find a new doctor.

This is FALSE.

YouthCare will do everything possible to keep you with your current doctor.  YouthCare has a Continuity of Care period until September 30, 2020. This means that your doctor will be paid for claims for services for a child enrolled in YouthCare. Also, YouthCare can set up a contract with a provider just for your child. Please call YouthCare at 844-289-2264 (TTY:711) Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., press 2 for Member Services and ask for the Rapid Response Team.


1.    How do I opt out of YouthCare?

You can choose another managed care organization for your healthcare needs; however, we are not able to make that change for you. You may contact Client Enrollment Services at 1-877-912-8880 to choose another plan.

2.    My PCP is not on my ID card, when will I get a new ID card with my correct PCP listed?

ID cards are mailed out 7-10 business days from the date a provider is assigned to you.

3.    If the provider is non participating (non-par), will the provider see the child without the provider’s name being on the card?

The provider should see the child without his/her name being on the ID card. If you have any problems with a provider seeing your child for this reason, please contact us and we can reach out to the provider’s office on your behalf.

4.    The providers do not know what YouthCare is.

YouthCare is the name of the managed care program designed for children in foster care or formerly in foster care. If you are experiencing a problem with a particular provider, please let us know so we can contact that provider directly to provide education about the program.

5.    When will the website be live?

The website went live 2/1/2020.

6.    When will the list of providers and benefits appear online?

This information became available online 2/1/2020.

7.    What if my provider does not sign a contract within the 180 days, will I be able to continue to see this provider after the 180 days?

We will make every effort to bring your provider into our network during that 180 day period. If they choose not to contract with us, we will work with your provider to complete a single case agreement so that your child can continue to see that provider.

8.    What if my provider refuses to see my child during the 180 days?

If that happens, please call us with the name of the provider. We will reach out to that provider to explain the program and help your child get the care he/she needs.

9.    Is YouthCare part of IlliniCare Health?

No, YouthCare is no longer part of IlliniCare Health. However, the team of individuals supporting the YouthCare program has not changed. 

10.  Will my child still be in the YouthCare program if they have commercial insurance? If not, how do I enroll in the YouthCare Program?

No, if you have private insurance you are not eligible for the YouthCare program.

11.  If my child needs care out of state, is it covered?

We have contracts with many providers in our neighboring states. We can tell you if a provider is in our network. If they are not in network, we will work with them to bring them into our network.

12.  If we are seeing a doctor that is in a group, can we see the other doctors or nurse practitioners in that group as well, are they all covered?

Not necessarily, we would need to look up the provider you want your child to see to determine if that specific provider is in our network.

13.  We have Special Needs Youth and do not want them moved to YouthCare as they have many medications and specialists, what can we do?

Our YouthCare team would like to meet the needs of your child and family. However, if you decide to choose a different managed care plan, we are not able to make that change for you. Please contact client enrollment services at 877-912-8880.

14.  Will every Youth in Care have the same coverage with the same MCO?

All children enrolled in YouthCare will have the same coverage with our health plan.

15.  Where should we call to get errors corrected?

If any of your information is incorrect, our medical management team can escalate this to DCFS for review.

16.  Are you automatically entered into the YouthCare Program if you do not make a choice (Former Youth in Care)? 

Yes, if you are automatically enrolled in YouthCare.

17.  Will Medically Fragile Technology Dependent (MFTD) be included in the YouthCare Program?

MFTD waiver children are not included and will not be a part of the YouthCare program.